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Time Tracker for PC is available for free download for Windows and Mac: You can download Time Tracker for PC from


Time Tracker for PCTime Tracker for PC

Keep on top of your phone calls with “Time Tracker”.

"Time Tracker" is an app for time recording of all incoming and outgoing calls. After each call, you can select whether

you would like to save call date, time and duration and which corresponding contact you want to assign it to. If you

want, you can also save a subject, a note, or even one or more voice memos.

This way, all necessary data is available to you and it can be displayed very clearly in the app. The app also allows easy

export of all data as a PDF. You can file all your information for your records or send them to your customers or

employers as time sheets.

Whether firm, consultant office or call center: "Time Tracker" makes your work life easier and helps you save a lot of

time. No more cumbersome fiddling with stopwatches, tables and calendars. With "Time Tracker" everything works

automatically and flawlessly. Times are precisely stopped and then saved. This way, you will know exactly when you

spoke on the phone with whom, for how long and about what.

Are you looking for software for time tracking and timesheets? Your search ends here. Because "Time Tracker" is the

application that allows you to store and evaluate call information.

Download the software now and learn about the benefits of automatic timing, simple export and faster creation of

verification about the call duration.

Per-second time recording

Those who are professionally instructed to accurately record every call, won´t be satisfied with imprecise

measurements. "Time Tracker" allows for the easy and per second time recording: Enable app, make a call, and end a

call, save a call. The time recording software "Time Tracker" times the exact duration from the start of the call until the


Clear search functions

You only want to view calls with certain contacts? Or only relating to a specific project or topic? With "Time Tracker"

this is not a problem. Just type a corresponding search term into the search box, and the corresponding entries will be

displayed. And of course, you can also create a concise PDF table that only contains those entries.

Simple export

Our software for time recording is particularly aimed at lawyers, consultants and other service providers who rely on

accurate billing of their calls. With the very easy to use app "Time Tracker" this is now easier than ever: After the calls

are stored, you can easily export the needed entries into a clear PDF file or a Word document. Select individual calls, a

certain contact or just a period of time and create a list with all the necessary information in one single click. The chart

contains the contact name, subject, date, time, duration, and notes. Even the delivery of voice memos is possible. This

allows you to remain professional, even in difficult situations.

Smooth transmition

The exported information can easily be sent via email or Bluetooth, or simply upload to Google Drive. So you have all

the data available for your files and are able to send it directly to the customer or your own accountant. Based on precise

and detailed listings you can create and check invoices or optimize your work processes.


• Software for time recording and contact assignment with notes and voice functions

• Exact time recording of all telephone calls (outgoing and incoming)

• Times are automatically saved under each corresponding contact

• Individual notes and multiple voice memos are possible for each entry

• Easy export of timesheets as PDF or Word document

• Export of individual calls, specific contacts or all phone calls in a specific time period

• Send PDFs directly via Mail, Bluetooth or Google Drive

• Language selection: German, English, Spanish, French
Source: Google Play Store

Download Time Tracker For PC, Windows & Mac:-

  1. Download Android emulator from here: BlueStacks | BlueStacks 2 | Remix OS | Andy OS
  2. After downloading the particular emulator, head towards the next steps.
  3. Open the downloaded file & install BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2 emulator on your Windows or Mac PC.
  4. Click on “Search” for BlueStacks, for BlueStacks 2.
  5. Click on “Android tab > Search”.
  6. Type ” Time Tracker ” and search it using Google Play Store.
  7. Open the game in the Google Play Store, click it and install it.
  8. Open the game or app and start playing/using the game/app by following the on-screen instructions.
  9. Once installed, for Bluestacks it will come under All Apps
  10. For BlueStacks 2 it will appear under Android tab > All Apps.
  11. Click on the newly installed app or game to open it. Follow the on-screen instructions and keyboard settings to use or play it now. That’s all.

Download Time Tracker For PC Through APK:-

  1. Download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Extract the APK files of the particular game on your PC.
  3. Open the downloaded APK file.
  4. BlueStacks will automatically start installing it.
  5. For BlueStacks 2, you can also click the APK button in the middle of the toolbar on the left side > locate the APK file and select it to install it.
  6. Once the file is installed, follow the instructions mentioned above in steps 9 & 10 in the above method to start using it.